Straps - Simply Believe

Straps - Simply Believe


Loop Style

Single Loop or “Oly” Straps are designed to provide a sturdy grip on the bar while allowing for quick release in dynamic movements like the snatch, where safety is a concern.

Lasso Style

Traditional “Lasso Style” lifting straps are a staple in every lifter’s gym bag. These straps are designed to provide unparalleled grip, allowing you to train the stronger muscles in the legs and back without burning through your grip.

All Straps

We fashion every strap from fine texture polyester webbing. The material is strong, and provides a better grip than most of the synthetic materials we’ve tested. It also allows us to embed the material with the unique and custom patterns we’re known for producing, We recommend using the knurl of the bar to rub a little chalk into the straps, taking the grip one step further and removing any “break in” period needed for most synthetic materials.

Simply Believe Pattern

Simply Believe. It’s something we like to say around here. Sometimes “certainty” isn’t there and won’t be. Maybe you’ll succeed, maybe not. Maybe you’ll make the lift, maybe you won’t. But one thing we know for sure: you can’t succeed if you don’t make the attempt. Sometimes there isn’t certainty, but sometimes, we Simply Believe.

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